Cool Math Games Run 3

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Cool Math Games Run 3

Cool math games Run 3 is more fun than previous versions, with more and more levels and aliens to unlock. It leads to extreme running with new obstacles.

Cool Math Games Run 3 is widely known as a fun but challenging game.

Given the context in a series of tunnels in space, the task of the player in the game is to overcome the challenges at each level. On the way out, players avoid colliding obstacles such as debris, and at the same time encounter some sloping obstacles, darkness. Try to overcome them and collect the coins in the journey, players can use them to buy more characters or upgrade character in the shop.


In the fun run 3game there are ten playable characters, the default character is Runner, in order to unlock the other characters players have to complete certain tasks and collect money.

Complete the challenge and guide cool math games Run 3 on the safe goal.