Cool Math Games Run 4

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Cool Math Games Run 4

Cool Math Games Run 4 is one of the most entertaining and entertaining games on the planet.

The task of the game is to control the running character, jump and dodge the dangerous obstacles that appear in the 3D space tunnel. To complete the game you have to overcome many levels quite difficult, so you need to be careful, skillful, focused and patient. Be sure not to touch obstacles, otherwise you have to play again.

Finish each level and you will be rewarded. You can use this rewards to buy the items needed to upgrade to support the next quest or to unlock the character.

Cool math game Run 4 is made with Flash to work in most browsers. Watch out for breakable tiles! Run and jump through a galaxy-spanning network of tunnels in Explore Mode. Good luck finding an unbroken path home!See how far you can get and climb the leaderboards through the ever-changing tunnels of Infinite Mode!

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